How To Plan A Wedding In Singapore Below $10k: 8 Stingy Tips To Show You How.

So you want to save some cash? Be a “cheapster”(Someone who is protective of theirs money)? I thought a wedding is once in a lifetime? You must be thinking I am picking on you for being a total miser.

Hey, I do understand, your money problems are there for a reason. Probably, you forget to save for the last 5 years while working on your day job. Or maybe you wanted a more economical version of this important day. Maybe, you secretly gamble away on your monthly casino visit, but who am I to judge your disgusting habit?

Earning money is tough sometimes, but spending is easy. A wedding is a spender’s dream, especially for those who wanted to shine like a diamond for just one day. Who says you can’t have a kickass wedding with a shoe-string budget?

Thousands of articles are written on this topic. Wedding planners “volunteers” in giving you the dream wedding at the lowest budget. You are smiling about how kind he or she is while they collect a commission. Everyone is giving you their advice on the best way.

The truth is: There are no fixed ways in planning a beautiful wedding. Everybody experiences are different, circumstances are never the same. The product prices that may apply a few years back becomes obsolete today. The key lies in finding the right mix of products and pricing that can give you the best experience on this important day.

The tips that are shared here is no way a 100% guide in planning your wedding, but it serves as a reference guide for those that are working on a budget constraint. Don’t complain if you think it’s not lavish or extravagant enough because ultimately the intention of a wedding is a ceremony to witness the union of two people that are madly in love. It’s never about an unnecessary display of wealth to a group of people.


“What the hell, no wedding dinner?”, you must be shouting till my eardrums smashed into smithereens. Okay, I get it. Cool down. Get yourself a coffee. Wedding lunches may not be popular to some, but it does save around 20% of the overall cost per table.  Furthermore, there is not a need to cater for lunch if it’s not a full day event.

Now you must be thinking, ” Fair enough, but why a low-class restaurant?” That’s a fatal assumption. Why are people afraid to have a wedding at Ban Heng( A Chinese Restaurant In Singapore that serves amazing food)? Don’t be a superficial shit that only admires the exterior of a bungalow, when there might be corpses inside. Apparently, my friend once attended a Wedding at a restaurant and highlighted that the food is far superior to some hotels.


…If you want to save that few thousands.

The time value of money highlights that money available now is greater than the future. Nevertheless, time, circumstances, and inflation determine the cost of a product. Thus, the pricing that is discussed below, are by all means not fixed.

As of 2017, Ban Heng Pavillion offers a steal of $558 per table for a wedding lunch. In comparison to a five-star hotel, St Regis, that triples the amount to a whopping amount of $1624. And mind you, this is only for lunches! If dinner is taken into consideration, St Regis prices increase again.

The funny truth reveals that a table actually costs a few flight tickets to Thailand, Hong Kong, Or Malaysia(Depends on that year prices, but this is an average). Talking about a real money saver, it’s obvious that Ban Heng is the real winner.

Also, please keep your guest list relevant, as you do not want to invite people that you barely know to maintain a budget of the wedding. Please don’t invite acquaintances that you have met in the lift lobby. That’s awkward.

Total Cost Breakdown: S$558 (Ban Heng Pavillion) x 10 = $5580 (Let’s presume you have 100 guest that needs 10 tables)


Usually, used items are deemed as bad luck. Some people believed that everything must be new, sure accumulating a few extra bills at the end of the month and adding an extra couple of zeroes to your credit card is nice.

You might have experienced someone with traditional thinking berating your stupidity about buying a second-hand gown from Carousell, but not thinking about the best interest of your wallet.  Screw them. This is the 21st century, superstitions require flexibility.


There is much competition for gown rental in Singapore. Google the following phrase,”Wedding gown rental Singapore”, a huge selection of bridal studio pops out. Every studio wants a share of your wedding cost. Thus, it’s highly necessary that you weed out the garbage that sells lousy gowns with exorbitant prices.

In 2017, Dream Wedding Budget offers competitive prices as low as S$99 for their gown rental. Considering Dream Wedding’s established brand gives a nice boost to the whole package.

If mandarin is never an issue for you, then Tao Bao a mandarin version of Amazon, sells really low priced goods that you have never imagined. Some of their prices are just dirt cheap.

A brand new wedding gown for S$40 literally puts most mass markets dealers or retailers on their toes, if they want to jack up the prices of their gowns. If your mandarin sucks like mine, not to worry, find a china man to assist you. Just make sure his accent is not too overbearing.

For Wedding heels, if you are lucky, at Carousell, a used pair of heels offer just a nasty sale of S$20. Some Bridal forum does offer a huge range of different deals too. If not borrow or wear the ones you used for your annual company’s Dinner and Dance.


We all love a nice suit that fits our huge chest, showing off the contour of that round nipples. Some men’s pride lies in the huge biceps that are accentuated by the suit’s tight long sleeves.

Sometimes, I think a huge ego is really horrible that businesses exploit us to their advantage. One example is the “custom made suits” business that stitch black coats which fit perfectly to our imperfect bodies. Well, I am guilty of this ego habit too that I researched about how to find some good tailor that is able to create a masterpiece for my formal events.


(Slightly off topic but I thought it’s cool to include this):

For those who wants to buy a suit, there are mainly ready to wear, made to measure, and bespoke tailored suits.

So what is a “ready to wear” suit? Basically, if you enter a shop that has fixed suit sizes, ranging from small, medium to large. It’s mass produced, immediate and easy. Thus this explains it affordability.

However, what if the creepy salesperson helps you in the measurement, and returns to you after a week with a perfect cut that fits on your man boobs perfectly? That is considered a made to measure.

Lastly, bespoke suits are handmade from scratch by few skilled tailors. Obviously, it’s the most pricey of the trio because of the highest level of quality.

It’s possible to find suit rental ranging from $89 to $179. My Singapore Tailor offers that estimated range. Depending on the design, value, and aesthetic of the suit.

Don’t listen to those idiots who said,”You get normally what you pay for!”. That’s a boring as shit advice. Stick to your balls, and find the most outstanding deal with a bang for your buck.

For groom shoes, Zalora offers ball-busting deals from $49.90 that makes your miserable looking feet into a pristine one. Lazada looks good too. Not forgetting to check out your nearest neighborhood retail shops.

Total Cost Breakdown: $5580 + $99(Gown Rental) + $50(Heels from Carousell) + $89( Rental of  Suits) + $34( Shoes from Lazada) = $5852


Bragging about material possessions gets huge among some people. In Singapore, a Mercedes or branded car determines your status. Remember, that fat asshole who squeezes inside the mini cooper?  Or the financially unstable Grab car driver who rented a BMW as his choice of service?

Friends are gifts from heaven. No, I am kidding. If you have nice friends who are willing to lend you their car, please bless them with a huge red packet as a token of your appreciation. This act shaves off a few hundred dollars.

However, not everybody can lend you their baby. Sometimes, a car serves as the most the priced possession for some people. That’s pathetic.  Alternatively, you can get Comfort Delgro sponsorship with their taxi as your vehicle of choice. However, that looks totally horrible. In that case, renting obviously becomes a better option.

Rental services range from $50 + to a few hundred. From, a Chevrolet starts at $58 a day. 5 packs of Marlboro cigarettes for a full day car rental worth every single cent for such a deal. For the fatties who needs their mini cooper fix, it’s only $391.


Sometimes while planning a wedding, men or women suffers a deep sense of insecurity. Probably, derived from their inferiority complex. For instance, some couples felt silly if they are not presented as wealthy or successful.

Since a car display a symbol of wealth, sitting in an Audi on their actual day is a must. Welcome to society. Where your value as a person is reduced to a huge moving chair with four wheels. Seriously, what’s wrong with having a Cherry QQ for your wedding day? I won’t mind a motorbike. To be blatantly honest, nobody cares about your car brand on the road. It will just be another wedding car.

Not forgetting, make sure you cover the petrol fees for friends who are transporting your relatives, brothers, and sisters.

Total Cost Breakdown: $5852 + $58 (Chevrolet Rental) + $400 (Average petrol for 5 cars) = $6310


Yes. Flowers are insignificant reproductive structure found in different plants. However, you and your spouse are more important. Those pretty petals die after awhile. But if you insist on getting those huge bouquets, nobody can stop you from spending more. If aesthetic lies at the top of your priority, then buying this useless piece of junk deems to be necessary.

Tao Bao offers many great deals to feeds your unnecessary desire. If you have a knack for creativity, Do-It-Yourself stays as a viable solution. Nothing beats creating artificial flowers from scratch with your style applied to it.

If you are urgent, Gift Florist 2000 sells bouquets as low as S$22. However, don’t complain if it’s only six stalks of roses. Their floral designs for cars are pretty cheap with a price of S$80. Alternatively, check out XpressFlowers too for amazing flower deals.

Total Cost Breakdown: S$6310 + S$80(Floral car decoration) + S$80(Bouquet) = S$6470


If selfishness serves as your highest value, You can even ask your bridesmaid to spend their own hard earn money on an attire that they don’t need.  I heard stories when brides shamelessly ask their close friends to order from Tao Bao themselves. These brides ought to get shot in the heart. Their social intelligence registers at -5%. Furthermore, it’s a waste of people time plus money.

However, if selflessness sits on top of your core value, buying a new piece of attire for each sister it’s imperative. Giving a shit about their attire it’s really nice.

Buying at an economical Singapore online store call Qoo10 that offers S$9.90 per piece proves that they are willing to slash prices to give you the best deal. Their bridesmaid gowns are dead plain, but not ugly. Standard design.

Anyway, TEN sexy bridesmaids with consistent looking gowns will suffice. On the other hand, Tao Bao astonishing prices wins again with $7.90  Thus, the Alibaba group headed by Jack Ma deserve a pat on their back.

Total Cost Breakdown: S$6470 + S$120 (Assuming you have 10 sisters on average of S$12 per piece) = S$6590


The keyword “Freelance” indicates someone being self-employed. These MUA( Makeup Artist) works for themselves without a bridal studio support. For instance, the bridal studio offers package deals that come with photographers and MUA. It’s like a Macdonald meal with “upsized”. The rigidity of the package is obvious.

However, freelancers are open to negotiation. This free up the headache of not getting more value for your money.

The price range of a freelance makeup artist cost S$250 to S$700.  On average it’s S$350 per make up. One makeup to one face only. Don’t expect extra touch up on your grandmother’s face.

In addition, ensure that a trial makeup is included. Similarly, a request of their portfolio of photos displaying their past works serves to be helpful. I have actually seen horrible photos on facebook that has a bride looking like a zombie.

Also, remember to ask for a complimentary bottle of ampoule or fake eyelashes if it’s possible. Lastly, try to ask if they are including any extra hidden cost as paying more than the principal sucks.

Total Cost Breakdown: S$6590 + S$350 (Average MUA cost) =  S$6940


Diamonds serves no purpose at all.The origin of these lifeless stones started from India for at least 3000 years ago.

“Diamonds are forever” is a marketing idea started by Dee Beers group organization.  To strengthen this idea, they had a  collaboration with an advertising agency, N.W. Ayer, which started in 1938.

Watch the AD:

The goal was to instill an idea that anyone who is getting married must get a diamond to complete the process  Pretty disgusting truth. Education contents, lectures, stories, and advertisements are geared toward these three words. Consider this inane idea too, “How else could two months’ salary last forever?”(Hinting, that your two-month salary worth nothing compared to an immortal stone)

Such powerful copywriting impacted a whole generation of fools to believe a diamond’s value and price is proportionate to the size of the man’s love for his wife.

However, if you are still a stubborn person, by all means, please splurge on this stone. I have a friend who is wealthy, proposed to a woman for a S$80k diamond ring. This is stupidity at it’s finest. Smart in making money, but idiotic in making practical decisions. He trashed most of our one year salary with a stone. Beat that if you can.

At S$500, you can get a used diamond ring from a pawn shop. Caution: It causes bad luck ( That is if you believe such thing exist). If you think diamonds are useless, then consider a silver ring instead. At Zalora, the price begins with only an estimated S$29.

After all, a proposal ring does not need to be pricey. Hell, if I can propose with just a pocket camera that has a collection of album that comprises my wife and me, I will do it. Furthermore, the camera can still serve as a memory collection tool.

Total Cost Breakdown: S$6940 + S$27 (Silver Ring) = S$6967


Wedding photography and videography is an extremely saturated market. However, not everyone can tell a story well with a visual medium. To add on the handling of pressure, skills, expertise, and creativity is a must. Average prices for such services ranges from S$800 to S$5000. There are photographers giving ridiculous rates of S$1k per hour. That’s an obvious scam.

Since it’s a wedding lunch, requesting a half day service should be considered. Most of these services are charge by per hour. Do check the necessary package of 5 to 8 hours if you must. Not only do you save on the lunch catering, but the price of memory documentation is reduced by 50%.

Some tips it’s to meet up with the photographer to discuss the themes, expectation, itinerary, lead time of deliverables and negotiation of prices. Lastly, make sure you are comfortable with the person.

The cheapest package I have found so far is S$1250 for a half day documentation with photography and videography. However, the work it’s only a simple coverage without any interesting themes to make the video different. But it gets the job done for this eventful day.

Normally, big studios have higher pricing because of advertising cost, while extremely cheap rates are people who just started out in the industry, Thus, choose your photographer wisely.

Total Cost Breakdown:  S$6967 + S$1250 = S$8217

Congratulations, you have succeeded in getting a wedding day with almost everything in less than S$10k.


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