Anyone who knows Vincent and Jiayan are aware that they not only belong to each other, however, both of them have the heart in the right spot. Their wedding is not only a memorable occasion for the two of them, but it’s also for everyone who is with them to celebrate the love that they share. They share a sweet place in the heart of Bedok.

Their words of love are touching when they are asked how much they loved each other. To witness such an expression of love is simply heartwarming, and it makes us understand that love is such a beautiful thing, and it holds a special place in many people hearts.

Vincent looked very smart in his blue suit, which blends very well with Jiayan’s elegance in her angelic gown. The mood was very relaxed, as they held each other arms, and walked down the road to give their passionate kiss in front of the iconic Marina Bay Sands by the river.

The excitement felt by everyone shows a real joy about how they felt about their union and matrimony of this special occasion. Everyone has a dream, this is one of the dreams that every couple aspires. This dream is actualized on this eventful day that they cannot forget forever.




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