Siyue / Zi Xie

Love requires courage. The courage to be bold. They shared their vows in the middle of a spiral-shape aisle.

Getting reading at Equarius hotel

The day started with the bridesmaid embellishing the room with balloons and other decorations. Everyone was laughing while they soak in bliss for this joyous occasion.  Upon our arrival, Si Yue starts to get ready by a beautiful and sparkling window. From a high window came rectangle of daylight, sending white beams to illuminate her distinct features. Afterwards, guests started arriving and offer their blessing to her.

Beautiful Outdoor Ceremony

They kissed and shared their words in a beautiful lawn. The beauty of a spiral seating arrangement allows every guest to have a similar perspective while also swimming against the tide of the usual seating arrangement. It’s really an eye-opener for such an unconventional approach.

Cosy Dinner at Fullerton Hotel

They had a cosy set up with the closest friends while the best man shared one of the most compelling speeches that we have ever heard.

The Couple’s Reaction

” I love my wedding video. It is so sweet and touching. Thank you v much.  Love the video a lot. I usually don’t watch the video not more than once. But I watched the wedding video more than 5 times haha. Really appreciate your work. I am recommending you to all my family and friends haha.


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