Shanti / Zishen

Shanti and Zishen their wedding was not something that just happened.

The first time they met each other was at Coles the supermarket in Adelaide. In their first year of med school, they had to visit a remote place for their CPR course. At first, they thought that the bus ride will be an awkward experience, it turned out to be an endless string of conversation. Slowly from friends, they embraced the idea of a relationship.  They shared many values which prove to be a vital force in every relationship. Their love for animals, people, and compassion in saving lives. It is an inspiration to see people who will go all out to make public service as part of their lives work.

The film features Poobi, a mongrel, that they saved who walked down the aisle with Zishen before Shanti’s arrival.

For the solemnization, they chose a breathtaking venue, Beaulieu House, a Chinese restaurant located near a beach.

It’s definitely a videographer’s dream to be able to visit this gorgeous location.

Let’s not forget, their first look.

It’s truly rare to witness such innocence in the love that they shared. When Zishen saw Shanti in her bridal dress for the first time, they embraced and spoke in a way that you would only speak to your childhood sweetheart. There were tears of joy as they exchanged their personal letters. We held back our tears as this moment was absolutely beautiful.

They are such amazing and kind people, it’s beyond believe. It was fantastic to be part of their day and capturing that for them.

Couple’s reaction

“Thanks Dean!!! Love the video ❤️️❤️️❤️️ brings back a lot of happy feels in these tough times. Hope you are staying safe and taking care of yourself too”


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