Pearlene / Surein

We first met Pearlene and Surein at Starbucks to discuss their wedding.

Pearlene shared about her plans to hold a wedding at CHIJMES and having a cosy dinner at a Yacht club with few of her closest friends.

What’s really interesting about interracial weddings are the diverse cultures coming together on this special day.

They wanted a military wedding.

The wedding day

The big day arrived, it was time for the wedding. You could also feel that the mood from very relaxed changed slightly. It was still quite relaxing but at the same time exciting. We arrived early to document the makeup process.  Pearlene was really focused on getting prepared. She was surrounded by her friends who kept her company. Surein wore a SAF Number 1 attire to prepare for their military wedding.

A very special ceremony

Surein was eagerly waiting surrounded by his family and friends. As the band started playing their song and Pearlene slowly made her way down to the ceremony area, the tension starts to build. As Pearlene came walking down the aisle with her arms intertwined with her mother, tears started to roll down Surein’s cheek. This moment also caught a lot of the guests off guard, as they barely could keep their emotions.

The Dinner

Their first march started in an unorthodox manner. The plan was an arrival via a small yacht. Before the arrival, Pearlene and Surein went out on a Yacht photoshoot. The breeze made everything calm. What’s beautiful is they are able to share this intimate moment by the sea.

There’s nothing more exhilarating than witnessing them share their love on this special day.

Couple’s reaction

“Dean is a genius!!! His work is really amazing and really captures the raw emotions at our wedding. I’m sooooo glad we went with Dean for our wedding!! He is super passionate about his work and really tries his best to understand what we want and he. always. deliver.

He is also super easygoing and flexible, and totally flowed with us throughout the AD despite all our impromptu changes to the programme. On such a stressful day, Dean’s spontaneity really helped calmed us down which was really appreciated!!

I must have watched our SDE a hundred times at least but will never get bored watching it and it always put a smile on my face!

Thank you so much Dean and his crew for capturing these moments so so so well. Forever grateful!!! ❤️

If you’re considering between Dean or some other famous VG, take Dean. Hands down”


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