Pattaya city is hot and fast paced. There is never a shortage of sweat forming on everybody forehead. It’s located at the Eastern Gulf coast of Thailand. It is known for its beautiful beaches, religious place of worship, and hideous crimes. Amidst the chaos, it’s an exotic place filled with different places of interests.

Since it posed a form of risk for any visitors, a careful caution had to be exercised in regards to how the film is made. An entry level Canon 600d with a simple kit lens is considered. Most of the camera work is done mostly handheld. Everything had to be exercised with extreme care in terms of equipment protection.

Since its an expressionistic view of this city, concepts are not planned, everything is shot for what it is. The Sanctuary Of Truth is filled with many statues of worship. The intricate design of the temple structure proved how skilled the craftsman is in building such a magnificent landmark. Fast motorcyclist raced through the city as if there is no tomorrow, thus a traffic light will prove to be a miracle. The late Thai King had definitely a strong follower after his demise.  It just shows how loyal is one citizen towards a respected father of this country.

In spite of the danger, it’s a great city to see, and experience a different culture.




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