Nigel / Wen Li

“Where’s your smile darling? The sun is out and the birds are singing, A new day has begun.”

Nigel and Wen Li love rock climbing and rollerblading. Simplicity comes in many forms. Sometimes when it comes to being in a relationship, people think about the intricacies and different concepts. What we may forget it’s the simple things counts.  Simple things such as going on a rollerblading adventure while having meaningful conversations along the way. These are the smallest things that we may overlook sometimes.  They requested for a shoot for us to showcase this portion.

A garden ceremony

They held a close-knitted ceremony in the groom’s garden. With a beautiful backdrop and the lush greenery, the venue looks gorgeous. As the guest heads to their sits to prepare for the bride’s arrival, the Sun ignites the world anew with such brilliance and casual elegance.  Nigel waits in total anticipation. It felt as if this is his first date with Wen Li.  As father held her arms, Wen Li strolled elegantly down the aisle. The warmth of every guest expression lightens the mood.  We can still recall the father’s word as he handed his daughter to Nigel. The sincerity and sensibility of that pristine moment warmed the hearts of many. These are the moments that only happen once.

Outdoor shoot near Asian civilisations museum

They wanted a rustic backdrop for the shoot.  We envisioned French Windows and a beautiful museum. The shoot went smoothly as we watched the groomsmen and bridesmaid who gathered for this rare moment.

Couple’s Reaction
“Dean! We’ve watched the video and really enjoyed it! Brings back fond memories of our big day and has made us teary-eyed once again! Appreciate all the little details and dedication put into it! ♥♥♥”

“We engaged Dean as our wedding videographer and his work was nothing short of amazing! Throughout the process Dean was patient and meticulous in capturing moments, attending to our requests and unique tweaks. Our final edit was positively emotional, incorporating key moments complete with cinematographic valour (great choice of music, and non-linear storytelling), Dean really showcased the power of his editing skills with it. Strongly recommend Dean if you are looking for a videographer!”


March 23, Editorial

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