Vanessa / Nicholas

Vanessa and Nicholas always wanted a seaside wedding.

Their choice was Rasa Sentosa with a beautiful sea view and the greeneries as their surrounding.

The wedding day

The morning was relaxing with the guest arriving at Vanessa’s house. Upon our arrival, we offer our greetings to her Parents and started the documentation process. Everything was a breeze as everybody chatted among themselves.  When Vanessa’s parent started with the veiling process, they started to share their blessing with her and the aspiration of the future. it was a morning filled with a lot of emotions, joy, tears of happiness and lots of laughter.

The Ceremony at Rasa Sentosa

Once we arrived at Rasa Sentosa for the wedding ceremony, we gazed in awe at the breathtaking view. We saw the pictures online but when you are there for real, it’s such an amazing place and experience. The ceremony area was also beautifully set up and there was a lot of time spent on the details.  Let’s not forget about the amazing local food, it was really incredible.

With great music, food, and a beautiful atmosphere, the couple danced merrily as they prepare themselves for the bright future ahead.


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