Joanne / Kuan Yu

During our meet up, Joanne and Kuan Yu shared with us an inspiration.  They had been taking dance classes for the past years and they think it will be beautiful to feature this segment in their Pre – Wedding film. Why? Simple. These classes were one of the important milestones in their relationship. Every couple bonded differently. What’s important is the values that they shared.

“A dancer move like water transformed by music, flowing in graceful arcs, limbs in constant motion, painting a picture sound alone can never achieve. They bring a wordless interpretation of the beats, of the soft strings, in a way the audience can understand no matter what language they speak. In that way, their dance isn’t simply movement, but the most honest form of communication I know. Isn’t that how we humans are, saying what we think we ought but showing how we truly feel in our art?”

Couple responses

” Yo Dean we like it very much, great artistic sense (altho the wife is having fun laughing at my apparently cringey wedding vows..)”

“Thanks dean! I really love it!! 😍😍”


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