Elaine / Yi Xiong

Do you remember the early days when you are dating?

The first kiss that both of you shared?

Remember those nights when you WhatsApp each other until 4 am?

Sometimes, when you are stressed with the challenges of work, adulthood, and responsibilities, time moves so quickly that you forget the initial spark that brought both of you closer. Eventually, moments become just a part of your memory.

Always remember the emotions and events that both of you shared, before you know it, 10 years will be gone.

Elaine and Yi Xiong shared with us about their love story that started way back at Clarke Quay. It was nostalgic and memorable. Yi Xiong shared how he bought Elaine a cone of ice cream on their first date. The sweet beginnings at the historical landmark of Singapore.  As they walk by the river, they started created memories that will last a lifetime.

What makes it really beautiful is they held their wedding at the Asian Civilisation Museum which is near the place that started this whole journey.

Couple’s reaction

Love the video! It’s really really nice! Thank you!


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