Many couples love the feeling of hugging tightly. This act itself symbolizes security, warmth, and affection. To actually witness Jasmine in B.K’s warm embrace creates such a soothing emotion that is difficult to be described through words. Serenity? this could be one of those words, but that is only the closest thing that could be thought of. What about peace and love? Maybe, but it’s not definite. This feeling can only be felt when one is there.

The words that they have expressed to one another certainly showed they spoke from the bottom of their very hearts. The passion which they share proves to be really strong. In those few words of expression, their sincerity makes just a few lines of romantic words to be really meaningful.

Both of them have a purpose. To build a strong foundation of a family. To have a future that gives meaning to the descendants to come. On this special day, it marks the starts of everything beautiful that is awaiting.




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