Andrew / Tiffany

Oh yes, even on Christmas Eve you can marry beautifully. Our sweet couple Andrew and Tiffany decided to give each other a new life at a beautiful restaurant at Cathay. By God’s gift, the weather is breezy and cool. Everywhere was full of different commuters rushing to get their last minute gifts. The small lights everywhere made the mood very cosy for Christmas.

The best moment of the two is when they actually met each other at a pristine hotel, which is famously known as Rendezvous. They kissed passionately in front of a window that gave a heavenly mood to actually signify how sacred marriage is.

It was really beautiful to be there. At the right time, the sun is not glaring, this perfected the overall tone in a garden located in Punggol.  Tiffany walked towards Andrew, and they locked in an embrace as the gods witness how much they are in love with each other.  Both of them were so bubbly, and they exchanged many expressions of love to each other. It was such a beautiful sight.

Afterwards, the dinner was held in a joyous manner with delicious food and a nice party, while the couple marches in for the first time with exhilaration about their blissful years ahead.


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