Andre / Denise

“Mmm adventure-  We need the buzz of the new, the thrill of the unknown, the seeking of new answers that push our limits.”

If you knew Denise and Andre, you will understand the meaning of living life of the edge. Constant seeking of the new and the fresh had been the central theme of their relationship. Based on the overseas footages that they shared with us, we saw one apparent trait. Courage. The ability to do things that some of us may not even think about. Can you imagine taking one of the scariest rides in Australia? Feeling the fear and stepping forward requires a lot of bravery.

They chose treetop walk for their prewedding as a symbol of their adventurous lives.

Let’s not forget, on the eve of the new year, we went for a fireworks shoot as a reminder of when they gave their hearts to each other.

We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us – Charles Bukowski

Couple’s Reaction

“Watch it! Damn nice! Wah so impressive! Thank you 😊 Love it love it !! LOVE IT


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