Amanda / Joon

When an artist asks you to film their wedding day, you feel extremely honoured, but pressured at the same time. Both Amanda and Joon are artists in their own right. Being an Art Director based in L.A, Amanda creates breathtaking motion graphics for films such as Wonder Woman, Guardian Of The Galaxy, and many others. Similarly, Joon is a Cinematic Animator. His works consist of gaming projects. Hence, Warcraft and Overwatch are some of the notable projects that he worked on.

Their love story is simply romantic.  Amanda left Singapore to further her study in Florida. Subsequently, she met Joon. Thus, from there their friendship blossom into a journey of a lifetime. Nobody could predict a simple oversea study that can change a life. Isn’t destiny beautiful?

They arrived in Singapore a week before their wedding. Within the week, a pre-wedding shoot is done with a touch of a vintage element. Thus, shophouses serve as a central part of the shoot. The couple also sat on a rickshaw to travel the urban landscape of Singapore.

On the wedding day, Joon’s best friends flew from America to Singapore. Dressed in Superheroes attires, the Americans bravely ate biscuits filled with wasabi. Since it’s their first “gatecrash”, the experience is really an eye-opener.  The mix of culture made the wedding really unconventional.

Joon lifts Amanda’s veil with his Superman shirt. At that point in time, it feels like a superhero who takes his girl home. With such an audacious style of fetching his bride, it definitely showed his sincerity.

Taking her by the hand, Joon brought her to the National Gallery for a beautiful outdoor shoot.


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