Obviously, everybody loves a beautiful picture taken at their wedding. If you are a bride, you want to look hot, and sexy on your wedding. Of course, if the bride looks like Nicki Minaj, even the best wedding photographer, can’t make her pretty. Well, unless you can pull off the anaconda dance, you can be the best-looking bride in the world.

” Anyone likes fake noses?”

As the old cliche’s “photography give us a pictorial reference for memory sake”, hence every couple needs the best memories for themselves. Thus, when their spouse starts developing that horrible wrinkly forehead, he or she can say in a distorted voice, ” Remember…when we are so young…?”

What about wedding videos?  Some people argues that photography is sufficient, well, a picture is a static image, that helps people to replay memories in their minds if they are not suffering from dementia. Of course, everybody has a great memory.

Surprisingly, there are arguments about which is better, in any case, both are important in their own right. Both requires a certain level of creativity, technicality, and the most overused word call “passion”, to pull off such a craft. However, it’s quite apparent about why we need wedding photography since it started a long time back in the 19th century when people only wore their best formal to be taken before, and after the wedding.

Hardly, the true utility of a recorded wedding video is discussed. Of course, the usual marketing gimmicks are your video will not look like a homemade video shot with a shitty Nokia, or high-end equipment is used, when it missed the whole point of a good story. Which I wrote intensively here

So mama never told you why you need a wedding video like how you need to study, I decided to dedicate a delightful post on how much awesome benefits you can reap from it. So prepare your notepads, potato chips, and ice creams to find out how the truth will enlighten your mind. Yeah, you love it.


I love how each couple proclaims their eternal love for one another as if they are going to be together even if they are flying in the clouds with a pair of white wings and a halo over their heads. It’s such a sacred moment that I cannot help but smile in awe over their matrimony. 

Vows, vows, vows, those precious tiny bits of love words can only be recorded with a sound recording device. Recording good, clear, and crisp sound is also necessary. Great sound is priceless. Great dialogue enhances a compelling moment. A photo montage can only be overlayed with your favorite love songs, but every moment is frozen, static, and serene. This piece is only good for looping during the dinner banquet when some uninspired guest needs a slideshow to make them watch. 

 Imagine this scene.

The teary expression of the brides,
“For this life…”
, the convicted look of the groom,
and the tears of daddy, and mama.


(Ok don’t cry on me)

These are the priceless moment, that when documented through a lens makes cinematic moments. You know the time when you paid for popcorns? Yes, cinema. The recorded sound bites will be a strong factor in reminding the commitment you made to your fellow spouse. Well, we do know there are divorces. Sometimes I wonder why people said such long extravagant line when you don’t mean a crap. For all those who are loyal, faithful, and lovely, this video is your personal movie. You are the star. The replay value allows you to continuously remind you the day you are “one”. 

Show me a couple that says their prepared vows is not important, deserves a tight slap on the face. Why even prepare it in the first place? Because every wedding seems to need one? Don’t be a sheep. 


Imagine your Dad spoke like a president before you march in for your wedding, and he delivered a persuasive speech which moved even the most cold-hearted and cynical soul, that your spouse is the best person for you? But, recently he smoked Marlboro too much and slept forever. The nurse said the most hated three words, ” I am sorry…”.( I bet she says that every day, that she don’t feel anymore) You wanted to speak to him, he did not budge. 

However, immortality is bullshit, it’s a fallacy to think that resurrection exists. It’s better to show your future kids that how cool Daddy is in a video, rather than narrating through words and pictures. 

Hey just to let you know my dad is no longer alive (I cried 3 days straight). Luckily, I am able to see how my dad lifts my mom’s veil: after I found an old VHS tape in my parent’s cupboard. Those are the film days when there is no such thing as express highlights. He is charismatic, charming, funny, and he wears a curly wig because he is balding. No, I am serious, he is balding at 35. Well, Vin Diesel is bald too. Please do yourself a favor to catch Fast and Furious 7. 


Saving your hard-earned money is important. You slog like a slave for 5 years, pile up a stack of fat cash in your bank accounts. Your spouse can’t wait for your long awaited future. Oh, you are so patient, and finally, you decide to get married! Every person wants the best for their wedding, but who likes meticulous planning and budgeting? Nevertheless, Some people likes the planning process. Hey, groom don’t push all the planning to the woman just because she has her dream of being a celebrity on this prominent day(I have groom friends that are excellent planners still).

In Singapore, the estimated cost of a wedding is S$10k to up to a  S$100k, depending on your budget. My mind is already screaming,” This is some exorbitant shit” Let say a videographer captured all your kisses and wishes, and he or she cost S$1500 on average. 

Below is the percentage of a videographer cost over the estimated cost of a wedding which is S$50k:

(S$1500/S$50000) x 100 = 3%

However, if there are no videographers present on an actual day, are we actually risking S$50k or more to have no footages of what we have planned for years for just 3% of the cost price? 

Don’t believe me? 

We can do a little budgeting to see how much sacrifice is needed to plan for this big day. Budgeting makes me dizzy, I hate numbers, but let’s do a breakdown for a typical Chinese wedding in this Lion-City call Singapore. (Note I am not a wedding planner, these are the closest estimated prices, please seek your wedding consultant today for the precision of the figures)


This can cost from S$3K to S$6K

These packages can steal a huge portion of your wealth. Don’t be fooled by the excellent con-artist from some scheming bridal studio that speaks so eloquently to convince you that you need their package. Oh ! Don’t forget, hidden cost, and marked – up prices! Make sure you do your diligence and research properly about what you are paying.

This package consists of a pre-wedding photo album. On average it consists of 24 to 26 photos. Do yourself a favor, and bargain for 30. If not move on, it’s just business after all. There is also the rental of gown and suit, ensure to check if an additional deposit is required. Please Please Please, triple please if I have to, check your gowns properly!  If the attire returned are not intact, prepare for any Bridal Studio to rob your precious deposit, after all, it’s a business. Also, ensure that the Make-up artist’s cost is included, not an additional charge!

Lastly, make sure the studios work out the total cost before and after the Good Service Tax (A 7% percent of goods is taxable by the government in Singapore). A S$3K price can cost an additional S$210.


This is one of the killers, it ranges from S$20K to S$50K depending on how many people you are inviting.

Wedding banquets are mostly held in hotels. When you thought the hole in your pocket is not bigger than China, there are still many sharks when it comes to leveraging your dream of this beautiful day, by taking more of your cash. The hotels in Singapore simply loves this opportunity. Do you like tables? To me, they are just something that we can place our things. What about rental of tables plus a serving of sumptuous feast that cost S$1.5k? You need those tables filled with food to feed your guest during the dinner banquet. 

Here comes the most stressful part: you need to offer an invitation to who is coming to eat. However, the sucky truth is, without a fixed venue, and date,  you can’t invite. Thus, a projection of who is coming is necessary. That explains why we sometimes see a nice empty chair for the ghost to sit during the dinner banquet. It’s a catch-22 situation. For the price of one table, or few missing guest, an actual day video can already be paid for.


Every couple needs a photographer or videographer to capture their big day. Each profession cost from S$1.5k to S$2k. 

After all your friends, relatives, colleagues have agreed to come for your red carpet moment, you are smiling to yourself. Finally, you can be Angelina Jolie or Brad Pit for 1 day just by paying money that you have saved for the longest time. You thought the paying is over? Sadly, I have to crush your reality. There is more: Gate -crash red packets, wine cost, rental of cars, petrol, Photobooth and of course there is actual day photography and videography.

Now look at the amount from above, this accumulates to a range of S$20K – S$50K for the average. The wedding video compiles every single moment, gowns, suit, wedding venue, relatives, parents, friends, make-up, cars into a complete product. This final product can be reused and distributed. This piece of work is priceless. Money cannot buy moments, it’s only a means to an end. 

What matter most is the emotions and the memories that can last a lifetime

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