3 Reasons Why Storytelling Is Important In Your Wedding Videos

Written by Dean Yap

A look how storytelling is important for wedding videos.

Don’t you like stories? Many of us like stories from a good movie, a book, or anything that intrigues us. Matter of fact, when somebody recounts about something, it’s a story told. Wedding videos tell a story. A lovely one. Each couple has a story that needs to be told on screen.

Our imagination and memories limit us. Without a pictorial reference, imagination cannot be shared among people. Imagine your friend’s curiosity about your wedding day cannot be shown in a video? Wedding films serve a purpose.  Thus, a wedding videographer captures everything on this important day.

Every decision in the wedding preparation needs careful consideration. A careful planning of budget requires time. I believe you need a videographer that makes you comfortable, and possesses a level of competence in their craft. Who would want a wedding videographer that can’t even find the record button on the DSLR(Probably a rented camera)?

Oh, don’t you wish you looked as drunk as her?

Ok, I get it. In our internet age, the availability of information appears everywhere. Every year, new videographer enters the market, set up websites, display their portfolios. The wedding videography prices increase as time passes.   How do you then make a logical decision? These topics require another article for further discussion. As of now, let us focus on one important trait. 

So what differentiate one from another? Story. A strong emotional tale beats the expensive camera, Sony A7SII.  Visual storytelling makes the 70-year-old granny cry while watching the final wedding video during the dinner banquet.

If you want your guest to connect emotionally with their tiny hearts, a powerful love story serves a purpose. Some people argues that photography or videography must be taken in a “posey” manner. Remember how our parents have to go through the traditional way of standing in the perfect posture before getting their best picture?

That’s so modern.

Imagine being repeatedly demanded to stand straight like a bamboo. But if you love a wedding video that looks as boring as a brick wall, please request for that. However, if embracing creative change soaks in your soul, read on.

 Here are the 3 things to further understand why stories are important in your wedding video:

1) Stories arouse our emotions at its core.

Have you ever cried when your female friend cried like a little gal during the solemnization process? I bet some of you don’t(I am guilty of being a tough nut too). Especially, when she proclaims her love for the groom. This moment sometimes made all the single people feels like suckers. Hey, single people, don’t worry, the right one will come soon even if you sit on your asses, playing flappy birds all day. 

 This moment evokes most people at an emotional level.  However, what if the beautiful bride made a silly mistake by farting during her solemnization? I will laugh at that shit. Such memories sticks in most people head because that’s funny. But that only happens once in a blue moon.

Things get more interesting during the recording of the bride’s message to her groom. Imagine she reveals about how the groom loves to fart at 3.45 am? or even better if the groom narrated about their awkward first date that almost ended their relationship?

Thus, interesting back-stories makes a wedding video more compelling.

Every small peculiar detail make people laugh. In addition, I bet some of you invited ALL kinds of random people to your wedding. Before you think I am judging you, consider this question,”  So you think everyone knows how you and spouse started?”

A prominent story gives a glimpse of your love life. Not every guest knows about your relationship. The wedding video explains everything within minutes. This encourages the drunk guest to relate about to your love story.

Relatability allows people to think about their own life, and reflect.

Thus, your stories arouse the guest emotions to think about their own relationships.

During the dinner banquet, imagine one of the bride’s best friend recounted about how she hated the groom last time because of his smoking habits (I hate how some people thinks smoking equates to rebelliousness)? However, later on, he displayed a sweet character that cares for both the bride and her friends? These are interesting backstories that differentiate a simple wedding video coverage to a more complete, and cohesive one. 

All these examples show that interesting backstories helps to differentiate a simple wedding video coverage to a more complete, and cohesive one. 

2) Stories are memorable and different

According to traditional Chinese Wedding, and Chinese beliefs, once the bride leaves the house, a red umbrella shields her from “bad luck”. However, every wedding video looks similar in this moment and every other traditional scene. How do we then tell a story, and increase the level of engagement?


Instead of a simple documentation, an outdoor pre-wedding shoot at the Airport makes an interesting location. The plot of how the groom and the bride always meet up at that place to share a cup of Starbucks coffee. This may also hint their addiction to traveling.

Any prominent location such as places when the couple started during their dating days, mark a crucial moment in creating a long lasting impression of the story. Thus, combining the pre – wedding segment, and the actual day event, creates a unique wedding video for any couple.Differentiation makes things unforgettable.

Consider the following words being exchanged when the couple expressed their love for one another in their wedding video: 

“Every time you tell me that I am the most beautiful woman in the world for you,

which I need a long time to believe in.

For the longest time, I was afraid that I didn’t deserve your love,

and I was so scared to lose you again

These heart-moving words hint a possibility that the couple had a break-up history. Similarly, the dialogue describes the feeling of fear that the bride felt at that point in time.

It also feels to me that the bride does not really trust men who admire her physical beauty. Probably, she never felt that anyone love her for her personality. The interpretation of their wedding story has no limitation. Thus, with just a few words, so much story can be told. 

3) Stories make our grandkids understand our marriage better. ( A great back story of how grandma fell in love is awesome )

Some of our grandparents are heroes, to others its as if they are a bunch of idiots(I would like to think that the heroes are more).

In the past, only the rich can afford a documentation of their wedding day. Some of our grandparents probably work at the farm.  Unless their parents own a huge business, the chances of having a documentation on their big day prove to be impossible.

In the present age, having a wedding with great photographs taken can be really common. The culture spreads in many parts of the world if you noticed. Affordability increases as the demand for such services increases. Many couples become more stable in terms of income. Opportunities spread in abundance. Hiring a wedding videographer becomes a norm.

Now it’s the time that couples can be vulnerable in front of the camera. Thus, when you start to develop gray hairs, you can show a copy of how your wedding video to your grandkids. This proves to be timeless materials that can be viewed for many generations.

Its always known that we as humans should build something that outlives us, why not create a strong, memorable, story-driven wedding video that outlives us too?


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